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Fulltime Safety Department
Monthly Foremen Meetings
Safety Accountability Policy
Safety Leadership Team

Ensuring a safe work environment is ingrained in the Select Tile culture. We follow site specific safety protocol to ensure safety, OSHA and QA/QC standards are being met for every type of product used on our projects. Before starting a project, we hold pre-construction meetings with all crews to address safety guidelines and any potential hazards. During the project, we continue to monitor and emphasize safety with onsite safety meetings and safety audits. 

Safety Overview

Safety on the worksite is Select Tile's number one concern.

We make safety a condition of employment, thus making it a priority to comply with all established safe work practices and health and safety regulations. We have initiated work policies and procedures to ensure safe operations, and we insist that such rules be followed by every Select Tile employee and by all of our subcontractors.

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Select Tile has a full-time safety staff that conducts daily jobsite safety inspections and weekly safety audits, provides training and education for all employees, and performs ongoing support and maintenance of our safety programs.

Select Tile has initiated a safety culture that’s objective is to reduce the number of jobsite injuries to an absolute minimum initiating an incident and injury free work environment. This initiative instills that all employees take responsibility of themselves and their co-workers, whereby safety is never compromised in the name of production.

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Select Tile has a team of experts that understand commercial flooring requirements, various product performance characteristics and the proper installation and quality control procedures that will ensure performance while minimizing cost. Our quality control is present throughout the entire installation process, and we provide follow-up inspection and additional quality control measures, as necessary.

These standards, our experience, a skilled field staff and an industry-leading safety program instill confidence in clients looking for durable, economic, and quality solutions for their commercial flooring needs.

Quality Control
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